Dynamic Content Developer edition: limitations

The Dynamic Content Developer Edition is designed to help Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers get started with Dynamic Content and it doesn't provide you with access to all the features of the full, enterprise version.

When using the Developer Edition, if you see this alert in Dynamic Content, then you've hit one of the built in limits.

The alert displayed when you have hit a limitation of the Dynamic Content Developer edition
The alert displayed when you have hit a limitation of the Dynamic Content Developer edition

You can continue to use the Developer edition, but if you want to talk to us about upgrading to the enterprise version, fill in the upgrade request and one of our team will be in touch.

The enterprise version does not include any of the limits shown below. You can create multiple integrations, map to multiple SFCC sites, create as many slots as you like and take advantage of full Dynamic Content features such as localization and much more.

Developer edition limits

The restrictions of the Developer Edition include:

  • You can only create 5 slots in the production view
  • You cannot create webhooks. A webhook will already be set up for you for the Dynamic Content SFCC integration, but you cannot create your own
  • The Developer Edition does not support Dynamic Content's localization features and you cannot add locales
  • You are limited to one hub, with one content and one slot repository
  • You can edit the integration that has been created for you, but you cannot create your own
  • You do not have access to your Dynamic Content API key and secret and so cannot use the Dynamic Content service API

In addition there are some limits to your use of Content Hub:

  • Only images assets (no video) can be added and they must be added manually
  • A limited number of apps are included
  • You can create and edit transformation templates, but you do not have access to any other tools.