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Integration example

On this page we walk you through an end to end example of the Dynamic Content - Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) integration. While it is a simple example, with one piece of content and a single slot, it does show each stage of the integration step by step.

The Dynamic Content edition
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We want to put together some content for a 4th of July promotion. Here's the banner that's been chosen, a simple image with text advertising a money off promotion.

The banner for our July 4th promotion

Each slot you create in Dynamic Content can be mapped to a corresponding content slot in SFCC. In this case the Homepage Top Banner in Dynamic Content, to which we want to add the 4th of July banner, is mapped to the content slot with the id "home-page-m" in SFCC.

Mapping the Homepage Top Banner slot to a SFCC content slot

We only want the content to be live on 4th July, so we set up an edition to start at the beginning of the day and end at one minute before midnight. The content should be published at the top of the home page, so the "Home Page Top banner" slot is added to the edition and the "25% off everything" banner is added to the slot.

The edition is then scheduled.

The 4th of July edition

The campaign in Salesforce Commerce Cloud
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When an edition is scheduled, the Dynamic Content SFCC integration is notified via the webhooks service. The integration will use the information from the scheduled edition to create a SFCC campaign, create new slot configurations for the corresponding SFCC content slots and populate them with HTML content.

The following sections show you what the integration creates in SFCC.

The Campaigns screen is shown in the image below. We've used the search bar to search for the edition name "4th July Only". Notice that the campaign description matches the edition name and the start and end date is the same as the edition.

The 4th July only campaign has been created

Slot configurations
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Open the "Content Slots" section in SFCC Business Manager to view the content slots and find which ones were mapped from the "4th July only" edition. The "home-main-m' content slot was mapped from the Dynamic Content slot contained in the edition and this is highlighted below.

The main home page slot mapped from Dynamic Content

A content slot contains one or more slot configurations or versions. The slot configuration to look for is one with a description that includes the edition name. Open this slot configuration to see its contents.

The slot configuration generated from the 4th July edition

The slot configuration contains the HTML content of the corresponding Dynamic Content slot.

When an edition is scheduled, the Dynamic Content SFCC integration will create a new slot configuration for each content slot in SFCC that corresponds to each slot in the edition. The integration will retrieve the content of each slot in HTML format and store this in the slot configuration. In the SFCC Storefront, the HTML is combined with CSS styling to render the content.

The slot configuration below contains the HTML content of the "Homepage Top Banner" slot from the "4th July Only" edition.

The slot configuration contains the slot contents contained in the edition

Previewing the content
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To check that everything from the scheduled edition has been created in SFCC, we can preview the content using the SFCC Storefront Toolkit. In this example, we'll choose 4th July, since that's when the SFCC campaign should be scheduled.

Choosing a date to preview the storefront

A preview of the storefront at this date is displayed and the 25% off everything banner is shown.

The 4th July content is previewed

Previewing the content from the Dynamic Content planning view
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You can configure a content preview to launch the SFCC Storefront directly from the Dynamic Content planning view. This allows planners to view the content exactly as it is scheduled to appear on the date they choose without having to log on to SFCC Business Manager.

For details of configuring a content preview to work with the SFCC integration see the SFCC setup page.

In the example below the "Pop up edition" is scheduled to go live on 5th March. When the edition is scheduled the integration will create an SFCC campaign, create new slot configurations from the slots in this edition and populate them with HTML content.

A scheduled edition

You can preview the content exactly as it will appear when this edition is scheduled to go live. We'll choose the edition start date of 5th March and select the preview app that is configured to launch the SFCC Storefront.

Choosing to preview content in the SFCC Storefront on the edition start date

The SFCC Storefront is open and displays the home page as it will appear on the edition start date.

The edition content is previewed in the SFCC Storefront