What's New at Amplience: Sell Products Faster than Ever

Alana Cento
June 27, 2024
2 mins
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Amplience Studios are HERE!  

We’ve been hearing time and time again that marketers and merchandisers have a tough time getting enough content and assets produced quickly and at high volume without using up all their hard-earned marketing budget. And they’ve learned there still aren’t enough hours in the day to create enough relevant content to meet their bottom line.

Now, we’re excited to bring you Amplience Studios, built to help businesses sell products faster than ever before. With the power to generate sales-driving product content at scale, you can deliver personalized content for every audience and written in your own brand voice. Create all the variants you need with easy-to-use templates, and eliminate the time and cost of producing content that converts.

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Increase organic website traffic with SEO Assistant 

We all know that the world of commerce is more competitive than ever, which is why it’s critical to make sure your content is optimized for SEO so that you can attract ready-to-buy shoppers to your website.

But today, it’s super time consuming for content creators to manually optimize content in line with SEO best practices. That’s why we’ve introduced a new extension for content creators called SEO Assistant.

Now, you can leverage the power of AI to generate content, optimize it for search, and increase organic website traffic. In addition to our existing generative AI content creation tool, SEO Assistant is designed to empower your teams to create fast, SEO-optimized content at the click of a button.

Did you know that shoppers who search on your site are two to three times more likely to purchase? This fact alone makes it even more important for shoppers to be able to find relevant products and content on your site quickly and easily. That’s why Amplience has partnered with Algolia, a leading AI search provider, to bring you Advanced Content Search. This new integration is designed to help you make all the content you create in Amplience automatically discoverable by shoppers, ultimately boosting conversions on your site.

Combining Algolia’s AI Search Platform with Amplience’s cutting-edge AI Content Platform, content created in Amplience’s CMS can now be automatically indexed to make it even more easily discoverable by shoppers, and faster. Through Advanced Content Search, Amplience customers will have full access to Algolia’s suite of massively scalable AI search features, making it fast and easy to get relevant products that shoppers want to buy in front of them right when they need it. Check it out today in the Amplience Marketplace.

Amplience Platform updates

We have a number of exciting platform updates to help Amplience customers work faster than ever before:

  • Publish content in bulk. You can now publish up to 20 content items all at once. When you select multiple items from the content library, you can publish with just one click.

  • Unpublish content with ease. Also in the content library, you can now unpublish content items. Why is this valuable? As you continue to adopt our new and future AI capabilities, one major value add is that you will be able to harness the power of AI to create huge volumes of content. To support this, you will need the ability to unpublish content when needed and with ease.

  • Remove and change image backgrounds faster than ever. In our DAM, Content Hub, we’ve added a background removal API which enables you to remove and replace the background from any image 20X faster than manual retouching. Now, you can make the most of your existing images and repurpose them using this exciting new tool.

  • Visualize site-wide content changes. For content delivery, our CMS now features a Time Machine Preview with Filter API for game-changing scheduling and full-site preview.

Want to see it all in action? Watch our latest product webinar.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come. If you’re already using Amplience, contact your CSM to find out how to get the most out of these new capabilities. New to Amplience? Book a demo today!