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Advanced Content Search

Bring leading AI search to your website and help shoppers effortlessly discover conversion-boosting product content.

Shoppers who search on your site are 2-3x more likely to purchase

When shoppers can’t find the products and content they’re looking for, they’ll take their money elsewhere. Our Advanced Content Search, powered by Algolia, is here to help you say goodbye to bad search experiences.

“Through Algolia’s advanced AI Search platform and Amplience’s cutting-edge AI-powered Content Platform, online merchants can now deliver immersive shopping experiences across various devices and channels, ensuring seamless and engaging interactions with their customers.“

Piyush Patel, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Algolia

Key Benefits

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Don't let mediocre search impact your bottom line

If shoppers can’t quickly find the products and content they need, they’ll go right to your competitors. It’s that simple. Algolia’s AI-powered eCommerce search is designed to deeply understand buyer intent, turning shoppers into customers faster than ever.
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Make new content discoverable instantly

Increase conversion rates and cart sizes with relevant, high value content. Simply choose the content types you want to make discoverable, and it will be indexed automatically when published and updated.
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Elevate the shopping experience

Promote better buying decisions and keep shoppers coming back for more. By helping shoppers not only find the products they’re looking for, entice them related content such as buying guides and product recommendations based on their searches.

Advanced Content Search

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Amplience allows us to deliver content that can be consumed across any customer touch point.Paul Hornby, Head of Ecommerce

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