Hibbett Sports

Seamlessly Joining Online and In-Store

Seamlessly Joining Online and In-Store

Hibbett Sports is an athletic-inspired fashion retailer that’s been kitting-out customers since 1945. Its 1000+ brick-and-mortar stores had built a solid reputation for a high level of personalized customer service, but it felt this reputation wasn’t replicated online. They needed a solution that could transform their online experience.


Selling athletic sportswear is fiercely competitive. So Hibbett Sports knew its online store had to set itself apart with an experience as memorable as an in-store visit.

World-class content needed to be produced rapidly, without needing developers to make ad-hoc changes every time content needed to be uploaded. Hibbett Sports saw the need for an agile mobile-first approach so that customers could get closer to its products. No matter what device they are viewing on.

Key challenges:

  • Lack of customer personalization

  • Slow content customization times

  • Poor communication between its 1000+ brick-and-mortar stores


Hibbett Sports relaunched its new website in July 2017. Featuring 200+ product videos, and 10,000+ product reviews, it was fully integrated with all brick-and-mortar stores.

Amplience Content Hub streamlined all editorial and content processes: products, content, images and other document assets were stored in a single library to save hours of production timeNow content teams could get stunning campaigns up and running – fast.

How Amplience Made the Difference

Hibbett Sports’ entire online experience was transformed in six months. Customers were raving about their online experiences as they could now get closer to the full range of products on any device.Full online synchronization with the stores allowed teams to carry out quick inventory checks. Customers now had the option to return online purchases in-store. And it was fully set up with Hibbett Rewards Program.Content Hub allowed Hibbett to launch campaigns every week with ease. Five different homepage images could now be uploaded, operating on a loop, showing visitors the latest sale offers and popular items. Hibbett Sports now provides a world-class customer experience, whether you’re in-store or on your device.
In just six months we’ve created an engaging online shopping experience that our customers love.
- Hibbett Sports

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