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Localizing at Scale

Landmark Group is one of the largest retail and hospitality companies in the Middle East, Africa and India.It currently has 43 brands, 42,000 employees and operates over 2,200 stores across 21 countries.

With this comes the challenge of managing and orchestrating the storefront experience across all those different channels, locales and brand touchpoints. Being able to deliver a seamless experience was about finding the right platform to help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of teams without having to increase headcount.

That’s were Amplience comes in.


Landmark Group deals with the intricacies of being a multi-brand, multi-category omnichannel business that needs to address many languages and currencies. And digital growth happens at different speeds in the different territories Landmark Group serves.

The group merchandizes 150,000 products per year across various channels and categories. Content for these needs to be prepared, styled, shot, edited, uploaded and disseminated. And the company’s marketing teams create a variety of content for each of their campaigns and promotions.

Key challenges included:

  • Significant manual intervention in the content production workflow with many handoffs between different tools.

  • Slow to scale up new experiences with rigid front end requiring full development support.  Weeks to plan and launch a new department page.

  • Difficulty in scaling content multi language, multi currency, multi territory, multi device sizes.  Manual preparation of each variant for all scenarios.


Landmark Group chose Amplience to help it address these challenges. Using Amplience’s Dynamic Commerce Experience (DCX) platform, which includes Dynamic Content (headless CMS) and Dynamic Media and Content Hub (headless DAM and media delivery), the company could simplify the end-to-end content management workflow and be more flexible, efficient and effective with media assets.

  • From a process standpoint, Landmark Group is now much more agile and able to move quicker and operate more efficiently and effectively with the automation provided by Amplience. Launching a webpage has gone from taking 14 days to just one.

  • The company has also been able to make its frontend experience more compelling and increase the content available to grow click-through rates, add to cart, page views, etc, without needing to increase the size of its content team.

  • The team can enhance the look and feel of its existing websites using different content assets not previously available, like video banners, to help differentiate and customize its brand experiences.

  • They can also more easily experiment with different content types, testing banners and other assets to drive higher conversions.

How Amplience Made the Difference

Marketers, merchants and content teams can now create and manage content without the need for developer involvement. They can then localize content items into the five principle Arabic dialects used throughout the overall experience. Marketing and content teams can also make urgent updates directly into storefront content slots, enabling them to move more quickly. During the pandemic, for example, the company needed a rapid and efficient way for its brands to get messaging out for their websites around stores closures, delivery times, etc. 
Amplience has helped us to save about 30 percent of what would have been required in terms of headcount for design, copy and merchandizing. We have been able to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our existing teams without having to grow them to the size that would have been required without Amplience.
- James Dickson, Chief Product Officer, Landmark Group Digital

Driving Efficiency and Reducing Complexity

Why Landmark Group turned to Amplience to manage content workflows and streamline process.

Landmark Group Chief Product Officer James Dickson and Head of Project Management Derrick Pereira sat down with Amplience CEO and Founder James Brooke to discuss how the brand was able to scale using Amplience’s Dynamic Commerce Experience platform.

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