Generative Content with Shopping Context

Amplience’s AI Content Platform is purpose built for eCommerce retailers, bringing together data and performance insights to deliver the personalized experiences your customers demand.

Your Customers Demand Personalization

And, even in the fast-moving world of eCommerce, Amplience’s generative AI tools help you give them the experiences they demand, while driving sustainable efficient growth for your business.

Adapt Faster. Scale Faster

Improve speed, agility and flexibility in your technology stack so you can create the kind of digital experiences that will keep your customers coming back.

Power-up Your Team’s Productivity

By empowering your business users to launch new content faster we make it easier to test, learn and iterate – so you can see much more clearly what’s driving the real value.

Four Best Use Cases of Generative AI in eCommerce

How can you leverage GenAI to boost productivity, personalize your customer experience, and boost revenue?  Read some recommendations from our eCommerce experts:

400+ Brands Delivering Better Shopping Experiences With Amplience

The Results Speak for Themselves


Increase in site conversions

DFS increased the number of visual presentations of their products to dramatically boost conversion rates.


Reduction in content production time 

Liberty business users are now able to create landing pages without passing changes through a developer.


Reduction in time to market

Mizuno simplified processes with Amplience to significantly speed up their time-to-market.

Helping Traeger Grills Create a Community with Better Experiences

“The biggest thing is our ability to release new content daily or even multiple times a day. It creates a positive psychology not only for our team in that we are getting things changed and moving through production, but the business is able to see the mobile app and the website be a living breathing thing.“

-Will Behunin, Director of Digital Platforms at Traeger Grills

Bye-Bye Bad Shopping Experiences

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