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Liberty is an iconic UK department store, set over 6 floors, bringing cutting-edge design, unexpected edits and beautiful wares from the world’s greatest craftspeople in fabric, beauty, fashion, and home. Customers walking into Liberty expect world-class service and products. And today, they expect the same online. Learn how Liberty teamed up with Amplience to create a powerful new online experience to engage customers at the same level as their flagship store.
ChallengeLiberty wanted to evolve its heritage brand to create an online experience as powerful as an in-store visit. New tools were needed to combine with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) to create world-class content with easily measured results. But current workflows were clunky. SFCC developers were always required to make updates. And the design team’s schedule was getting chewed up by creating, editing, and scheduling website content. Something as common as updating homepage content took a full day. It was impossible for designers to focus on their top priorities, holding Liberty back from delivering the online experience customers wanted.Key challenges:
  • Finding a proven platform that syncs with SFCC to create world-class content
  • Bottlenecks and manual processes stalling production
  • Over relying on SFCC developers and design team


Amplience gave BMC a rock-solid platform to store all images and PDFs, integrating seamlessly with their existing eCommerce platform, SAP® Commerce Cloud with the minimum of fuss. With every asset easily searchable and ready to publish in stunning detail, manual image iterations were a thing of the past.All digital content such as editorial, product, image, videos, PDF files, and delivery photos were stored into one single repository – saving teams hours of tedious processes that pulled them away from their top priorities. Fueling greater efficiency, collaboration and creativity

How Amplience Made the Difference

Liberty is now telling its story through powerful online experiences. With lean workflows in place, a ‘create once, publish everywhere’ process, and teams free to focus on their priorities – world-class content is published with ease. No bottlenecks. No stress.The time it takes to produce content was reduced by 66%. Liberty can now create a new homepage in around two hours. Before Amplience, that was a full day’s work. Content Hub streamlining asset management led to a major boost in SEO and mobile traffic, too.All imagery, web fonts, PDFs, GIFs and rendering templates on Liberty’s website are now instantly accessible.Liberty is still looking to push on despite all the benefits achieved so far. It’s focusing on improving site speed even further while adding new features like Point of Interest and Hotspots. Amplience is supporting Liberty with each step to maintain an online experience that few can rival.

The Amplience integration with SFCC has skyrocketed productivity. Designers now have more time to focus on creativity.

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