More Images, More Conversion

Expanded Brand Story Online And Saw Conversion Rocket

Mizuno USA has been proudly providing high-level sporting goods since 1980. With a huge variety of products across sports categories, it needed a new platform to upload new images, and more of them, to showcase their products in stunning detail for every context.


With hundreds of products across different sports categories, Mizuno found it tricky to show customers a balance of relevant content. They needed to be funnelled into the right category, with easy access to all styles, colours and sizes. Mizuno’s development teams had to hand code to support the multiple image uploads onto its website.The platform and process wasn’t working. Staff were frustrated with the workload and customers weren’t getting an engaging experience. The result? Mizuno customers, brand and conversion rates were taking a big hit.Key challenges:
  • Slow upload times with heavy coding required for image uploads
  • Customers weren’t seeing the full range of products available
  • Poor conversion rates due to a limited menu and products only having two images to view


With Amplience in place, Mizuno was free to upload multiple images of products in high-definition, complete with image zooms, and 360° images to showcase products seamlessly across every screen size and context.

APIs and media assets and existing images were swiftly switched over to Amplience. With Content Hub and Dynamic Media set up, Mizuno could tell its story in style. Bringing customers closer to the products they want while discovering new ones in the process.

How Amplience Made the Difference

Mizuno received incredible responses from customers after its revamped website, which only took six weeks to implement with Amplience. Shoppers were now getting an online experience as engaging as an in-store visit.And with a new mega menu exposing customers to different categories, customers began adding products cross category as they checked out.Simplifying the creation of media sets means Mizuno were able to double the amount of images for each product, while reducing the amount of time it took to get them live. This increase in variation led to an increase in conversion five times that of the previous site.And it wasn’t only customers enjoying the improvement. Simplified processes and a more efficient delivery of the images has seen the Mizuno team’s time-to-market reduce by 10-20%. Giving them more time to focus on creating the engaging customer experiences that make the difference.
Our customers are extremely happy. Their responsiveness to our variation of images has been incredible
- Mizuno

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