Why You Need a Robust CMS to Harness the Potential of AI Content

Beth Norton
November 29, 2023
5 mins

According to McKinsey, 90% of marketing leaders expect to see an increase in the use of generative AI in in the next two years — unsurprisingly, when generative AI has the potential to transform customer experiences through personalization and contextualized content. AI coupled with company-specific data enables granular customer insights that empower marketing teams to hyper-personalize the customer experience, boosting engagement, conversions and loyalty — and ultimately, accelerating business growth.

But while leveraging the potential of AI-generated content has become a game-changer, the real magic happens when this innovation is seamlessly integrated with a robust Content Management System (CMS). Why, you ask?

Well, let’s take a look.

The Synergy of AI, the CMS and the DAM

Content management and curation is an essential part of digital marketing and as the volume of content you produce increases with AI technology, you need to make sure you can store, manage and deliver all of that content and media to your customers, in different markets and across different channels and devices. And to do that, you need a robust CMS and DAM designed for AI experiences.

Here are just some of the ways why these are pivotal to the success of your AI-generated content.

1. Organized content and asset management

One of the biggest challenges in managing AI-generated content is organizing and accessing the large volumes of content and assets produced. You want the content to be instantly searchable and available so that you can get it out to market fast, right?

Amplience’s DAM stores and optimizes all of your AI-generated assets, giving you complete control of how, when and where you use them. Our AI-powered search functionality allows you to quickly find the assets you need by searching and filtering key terms, making sure you’re never late to deliver that last-minute campaign.

2. Seamless workflow integration

Time is of the essence in marketing. A high-quality CMS seamlessly integrates with AI content generation capabilities, eliminating swivel chair processes. Our CMS offers built-in generative AI capabilities to help you create compelling, SEO optimized content for shopping-specific use cases. Worried about that promotional blog post, banner or campaign tagline? Don’t be, we’ve got you. And once you’ve created that content, our real-time preview will show you how your content appears on site, giving you complete confidence over the experience you’re building for your customers — without the need for development time.

3. Content localization

That AI-generated content you’ve created needs to be localized for your customers in different regions, through relevant, carefully curated experiences. A robust CMS will support with localizing and delivering your content across locales, enabling you to have full control over the experience wherever in the world your customers are.

4. Media optimization

A robust digital asset management system will automatically optimize your AI-generated media assets to create multiple variants from one master asset and ensure your omnichannel experience is brand-consistent and optimized for all devices. Slash production time with AI technology, and slash cropping and scaling time with a DAM that supports your generation of high-volume AI media assets.

5. Scalability and adaptability

As your AI-generated content strategies evolve, your CMS needs to seamlessly scale alongside. A well-integrated CMS and DAM ensures that your infrastructure is robust enough to handle the increasing volume and diversity of your AI-generated content. Did I mention that we offer unlimited asset storage? Here’s some more information on how we can help you grow your business.

So now you’ve got the solution to storing and managing huge volumes of AI-generated content. What about the performance of that content?

The SEO advantage of unified infrastructure

1. Improved customer experience

Search engines are increasingly prioritizing user experience in their ranking algorithms. Using a well-integrated CMS ensures that your content is organized, accessible and user-friendly, which positively impacts engagement metrics and ultimately, SEO performance.

2. Optimized loading times

Page speed is one of the primary factors in SEO rankings. Being able to deliver fast, high-quality experiences to your customers improves SEO, increases organic traffic and leads to higher conversions. Make sure those AI-generated assets you’ve created are optimized for super-fast shopping experiences, without the need for compromising on quality.

3. Content structuring

From automatic meta tags to hierarchies, a well-organized CMS helps to create SEO-friendly content structures, ensuring that search engines can crawl and index your AI-generated content, increasing its discoverability.

Invest in a CMS that acts as the cornerstone of your AI content strategy

A robust CMS with integrated generative AI capabilities will help you create your best content, organize it effectively and deliver it to your customers through inspirational, engaging shopping experiences. The right infrastructure helps you to stay competitive, connect to your audience and deliver exceptional, SEO-friendly content consistently.

Our AI content platform will help you maximize the potential of your AI-generated content. Get in touch with us today to find out more.