Why We’re the Front Runner for AI Content in 2024

Beth Norton
January 16, 2024
5 mins

But first, before we dive into the why (if you didn’t already know why), let’s take a look at the generative AI trends and predictions set to redefine customer interactions, creativity and understanding of AI’s potential in 2024.

What’s next for generative AI in 2024?

Augmented working

If you’re still fearful about the adoption of AI into your business or workflows, chances are you haven’t consumed enough content that shows you how AI can help you; automating time-consuming tasks to free up your time, powering reactivity to changes in customer, business or market demand and enabling true personalization, allowing you to not only meet those revenue targets, but exceed them.

AI will not replace jobs, it will actually make you better at your job, by optimizing what you’re already doing today.

In 2024, the wide-scale adoption of AI will create the perfect harmony of human aptitude and AI efficacy, amplifying productivity and excellence in output.

Established AI policies and regulations

The safe and responsible use of AI is a hot topic and one that still leaves several question marks looming. In October 2023, the White House issued an Executive Order on the safe, secure and trustworthy use of AI and in December, the European Union passed the Artificial Intelligence Act which sets down guidelines for responsible use. 2024 will witness the establishment of global AI policies, with China, the EU, the U.S. and India already working on comprehensive sets of regulations.

Clear guidelines will both address concerns surrounding data privacy and security and provide businesses with a solid foundation to operate and innovate without compromising on ethics.

AI-powered Natural Language Generation

This goes way beyond the capabilities of ChatGPT, so forget the chattiness and the generic responses you may be used to. AI-powered natural language generation is going to be a game-changer. Using advanced algorithms and datasets to understand tone and intent, NLG bridges the gap between data analysis and human communication to produce contextually relevant content (the only AI content that really matters), allowing you to connect with your audience and boost customer engagement like never before.

The evolution of generative creative AI

Not only will advanced generative creative AI save time and resources, but it will allow you to create hundreds of variants from one single asset, allowing you to operate at scale — editing and repurposing images across multiple channels for different audiences and campaigns. Forget trying to reinvent the wheel every time, generative AI will do the hard work for you, boosting productivity, reducing time-to-market and improving efficiency.

2024 will see generative AI act as the force multiplier for creative teams in industries across the globe.

AI for everyone  

Amongst some of the biggest technology companies, there was a hesitancy to use and implement widely accessible AI tools last year, mainly due to concerns about training data and potential data breaches. But this year, we’re expected to see a much more open attitude towards generative AI in the workplace.

The fact that a large proportion of people are using AI tools in their personal lives is partly responsible for this change. And businesses are realizing that they can empower their employees to be more productive with AI tools that will optimize their output. The democratization of AI is a gamechanger for business leaders, and we’re set to witness some large-scale use cases in 2024 (from those same big technology companies, no doubt).

So, how is Amplience leading in AI content?

Because we’re experts in content and commerce. Because we’re not simply integrating generic AI into our platform, we’re building AI fit for purpose — with shopping context that transforms experiences for your customers, resulting in unprecedented engagement, loyalty and ultimately, conversions. We have a commitment to AI that passes the A.C.E. test (Applicable, Contextual, high Efficacy), and with specialist shopping knowledge and vertical industry context that powers truly differentiated, personalized experiences.

Can any other CMS or technology vendor claim that? The short answer is no, they can’t.

Generative AI is going to rewrite our reality in 2024 and our AI content platform and suite of AI tools are the foundation on which your ground-up business evolution begins.