September 27, 2023 | 5 Min

Democratizing AI: Competitive Advantage On-Demand

Mike Badamo
AuthorMike Badamo
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AI is no longer the realm of science fiction. For decades, artificial intelligence (AI) was locked away behind the walled gardens of prestigious universities, major tech companies, and governments. But that all changed back in November 2022 when OpenAI’s ChatGPT emerged onto the scene, a generative AI (GenAI) solution that was finally publicly available and free. It has since become the fastest-growing technology to date, growing to over 100 million users in under three months!

GenAI solutions are extraordinary because they take typed input from users, called prompts, and produce human-like responses customized to the user, in real-time. In the case of ChatGPT or Google’s Bard, among others, they use their Large Language Models (LLM) to answer questions and create content. The solutions can be used by individuals and companies alike for a seemingly endless list of possibilities. In fact, entire industries, businesses, academic programs, and governmental groups have sprung up around GenAI, and we’re just starting to scratch the surface of how GenAI will change our world.

This Time It’s Different

Humans love technology because it makes their lives easier, more productive, efficient, and enjoyable. Consider modern tech like smartphones, TVs, cars, internet, HVAC, or historical tech like our ancestors discovering fire, our distant relatives mastering agriculture and indoor plumbing, and even antibiotics. All of those had a long ramp until mass adoption, with initial barriers to entry being quite high.

“Old AI” was no exception – it was locked away behind closed doors, had enormous cost, required extensive infrastructure and specialized knowledge to run, and had slow adoption and narrow uses cases for the general public. For example, AI solutions that played chess, operated driverless cars, analyzed images, or powered social media chatbots laid the foundation for what we have today, but they weren’t accessible to everyone.

Today’s “new AI” is very different. Anyone who can type, has an internet connection and an email address can be up and running with ChatGPT in a few minutes, or download Microsoft Edge to create amazing art using Bing’s Image Creator. This hyper-accessibility is speeding adoption and fueling new ways of working, living, and thinking about our future. For example, there are thousands of AI tools available on the market, ranging from general-use chatbots to hyper-tuned models for military, finance, and medicine. Organizations are exploring AI to help provide sentiment analysis, summarize huge data sets, find relationships between data and make informed decisions based on them, and rapidly create content to respond to market changes and events — at a capacity far beyond the ability of humans alone.

AI was once a tool for “them” and everyone else had to use it on “their” terms. It’s now being democratized and is finding its way into board rooms, cubicles, and our homes – even the phones in our pockets, where it will become as commonplace and arguably as necessary as the majority of everyday tech that we take for granted. Today the corpus of human knowledge and incredible computing power is readily available to provide broad value with minimal input effort.

AI Fit for Purpose

Amplience has been powering exceptional digital experiences for nearly two decades for hundreds of the world’s top brands and retailers. We are experts in content and commerce, with experience covering all facets of software development and infrastructure operations, project delivery, eCommerce consulting, and asset and content management.

That’s why we’re uniquely positioned to build AI solutions for our customers. Our goal is to honor and continue the democratization of AI by striving to make our solutions accessible, be clear on pricing, be easy to use, be contextual, and be purposeful.

  • Accessible: Any Amplience customer can use our AI solutions; multinational or mom-and-pop, start-up or generations old.

  • Customer-Focused Pricing: We’re keeping it simple so you can keep your focus on forward momentum and ROI.

  • Easy to Use: Continued focus on business user experience and developer flexibility.

  • Contextual: Commerce-focused models and solutions built to empower your team and help deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Purposeful: Each tool provides a solution to a specific pain point and helps your team do more work, better work, and faster, acting as a force multiplier for your team.

Good for Business, Good for Customers

Content is still king. Your customers seek it and reward greatness, but you struggle to keep up with expectations. Creating content that is timely, relevant, and emotionally powerful is increasingly difficult as teams are having to do more with less, often forcing compromises that result in watered-down experiences that miss the mark. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The democratization of AI is the gamechanger for today’s business leaders, especially early adopters who capitalize on first-mover advantage.

That’s why Amplience is building solutions that solve real-world problems experienced every day by brands and retailers. We’re weaving them into our renowned headless CMS, multi-CDN asset delivery service, and post-production DAM, creating a new ecosystem of capabilities unrivaled in the industry. We’re putting purposeful AI into the hands of your marketers, developers, creatives, and operations teams to make them more efficient, more productive, and happier.

We understand what it takes to wow customers, and we’re making it our mission to rid the world of bad shopping experiences.