November 14, 2023 | 5 Min

The Amplience AI Commitment

Andrew Boulton
AuthorAndrew Boulton
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With AI now so readily available to every individual and organization (and therefore its openness to irresponsible and inappropriate use), we believe it’s important for our customers to know how we’re developing and delivering AI for Shopping Context in a revolutionary, but responsible way.   Amplience commits to serve AI technologies – from Machine Learning, Neural Language Models, Large Language Models, Retrieval-Augmented Generation and Prompting – in relevant ways to its customers in their vertical context.

These are the six Amplience AI commitments:

1. AI that passes the A.C.E. test

Our engineers have developed a unique model for determining what kind of AI capabilities and services we should be developing for our platform and studios. It’s called the A.C.E. model and is designed to ensure that Amplience AI addresses a genuine need and produces meaningful, safe, and trustworthy results for both the user and the consumer. We’ll continually monitor and refine our products to ensure they maintain the highest standards as per our A.C.E. model.

AI functionality must be business-need Applicable.

Content generated must be Contextual.

Results produced must have high Efficacy.

2. AI that has a precise purpose

The availability of large, generic AI models means that many businesses are depending entirely on those tools for a wide range of tasks – with results that often lack accuracy, individuality, and quality. Our approach is to always find and implement the right AI tool or model for each specific job.

3. AI with specialist shopping knowledge

Generic AI that simply generates content that’s indistinguishable from your competition may be saving you time, but it’s not helping you win customers. Instead, we believe AI succeeds for shopping experiences when it’s specialized for both the user (for example, helping a marketer ensure their content and assets are properly accessible to those with visual disabilities and optimized for search) and also specific industry verticals.

That way, you can easily generate content that’s rich in the context of your brand, market and channel of communication, as well as creating personalized variants that reflect your audience’s specific shopping needs, including experiences tailored to their location, the weather and even moments of cultural significance.

4. AI prompts that give complete control

In order for AI to deliver the outputs you need, it must be provided with an explicit set of instructions – known as the prompt. But, with some AI tools allowing for prompts that are thousands of words long, prompting AI to produce content with the right context can be long, complicated and unpredictable. Amplience is committed to making the prompting, or the briefing, of our AI tools simple, accessible and reliable – enabling all users to harness the power of large prompts to produce the most relevant and high-quality content every time.

5. AI that empowers people

We fundamentally believe humans and AI are better together. Our AI is designed to be a dependable co-pilot for your teams – augmenting human skills and knowledge, automating time-consuming tasks and empowering everyone with the ability to generate shopping experiences that convert.

6. AI that drives our vision

The Amplience vision is to rid the world of bad shopping experiences – empowering marketers and merchants to drive bottom line sales through better customer acquisition and enhancing brand loyalty.

And so, all our AI solutions are designed to deliver that vision, opening up dynamic opportunities for benefitting from unscheduled events and essentially transforming shopping experiences – right down to the product description page - that are delivered on-brand, and in near-real time.

We refuse to be just another AI company selling you some generic technology that won’t do you any good. That’s why we’re putting these unbreakable commitments out into the world, so our customers, our partners and our team all know precisely what we stand for when it comes to safely and successfully harnessing the potential of AI.