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Latest Episode – How AI is Enabling True Personalization with Bold Metrics

On this episode of Chiefly Content, Anthony is joined by Jeff Mergy, VP of Product Strategy, Partnerships & Innovation at Bold Metrics, as they discuss how AI technology is enabling brands and retailers to deliver true personalization, improving the user experience and driving conversions.

Learn about the innovative Bold Metrics AI body data platform and how they’re providing AI sizing solutions that drive AOV and reduce returns, helping retailers to personalize their customer experiences and extract powerful insights to inform their eCommerce and product strategies.

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What to Expect:

Hosted by our own CEO, Anthony Lye, Chiefly Content features conversations, observations and speculations about the ways generative AI is transforming the worlds of commerce and content, with expert guests who are leading the AI charge from the front lines.

It’s the straight-talking AI podcast that helps brands from swimming in the sea of sameness and instead, turn the AI opportunity into a competitive advantage.

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