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The Platform for Retail Engagement

The Amplience Platform for Retail Engagement is a complete solution for digital content and media production.

The Amplience Platform for Retail Engagement signals the end of today’s content production and publishing bottlenecks, accelerating processes and transforming assets into reusable, highly engaging digital content that can be delivered consistently across every customer segment, channel and locale.

With Amplience, retailers finally have the velocity of continuously fresh content required to convert customers at every point of inspiration, driving higher sales and productivity — all without scaling up the team.


Key Benefits


Support for the content types at the heart of rich Content & Commerce experiences that drive customer engagement


Dynamic responsive image and video delivery optimizes cross-device experiences


A unified platform for all content and media assets supports collaboration, automation and optimization


Quarterly releases on multi-tenanted infrastructure delivers rapid innovation without complex upgrade processes


Load balanced Content Delivery enhances page load speeds and provides 99.99% SLAs


Unified Analytics provide creative teams with deep, actionable optimizations insights


Simple to extend through powerful APIs and SDKs


Pre-built integrations enable fast deployment with ecommerce platforms

The Elements of the Platform for Retail Engagement

Content Hub

By providing a central Content Hub for all content sources – web content, digital assets, ‘marketing cloud’ campaign content, video, social and User Generated Content and more – the Retail Engagement platform transforms marketing and eCommerce teams’ ability to manage, manipulate and exploit content for every context.

More about Content Hub

Integrates with existing systems to protect your legacy investments – there’s no need to rip and replace


Liberates content production and management processes from the siloes created by disparate, channel specific content platforms


Enables agile, multi-role collaboration up and down the digital content supply chain


Streamlines workflows by consolidating content stores into a single, cloud library with workspaces that makes it easy for more of the right people to access, author and manipulate commerce-optimized content


Allows all content to be attached to ‘locale groups’, which in turn enables content and commerce teams to localize the customer experience across geographies and regions, from a single content repository

Dynamic Content

The Dynamic Content module moves the presentation layer out of the content and into the device template, to liberate content authoring from restrictions and difficulties related to specific channel formats.

Rather than generating standalone content and media for each and every channel, retailers compose channel-neutral content once, and render it for any format later. This content is stored in the Content Hub as an API for unlimited re-use, remixing and repurposing whenever required.

Dynamic Content solutions include Editorial Content, Shoppable Media, and Social & UGC.

More about Dynamic Content

Amplience features a comprehensive range of user-friendly authoring tools for creating editorial content, shoppable media, product showcases, interactive demos and guided selling


Ecommerce teams can employ a wide range of fit-for-purpose authoring tools, and new tools can easily be created for individual authoring tasks


Unified Analytics capability provides a ‘single pane of glass’ view of content performance across every channel, device and locale

Dynamic Media

Advanced Dynamic Media APIs enable dynamic control of all media parameters – from media format and file size, to compression – to ensure retailers always deliver the right content experience at the right time, enabling Responsive Web experiences with the right image every time.

Dynamic Media’s powerful scripting capabilities, video transcoding and meta-data combine with the platform APIs to enable automated media ingestion and product media set generation.

More about Dynamic Media

Dynamic Media facilitates customer engagement and consistent brand experiences across smart phones, tablets, desktop systems, in-store kiosks and beyond


Media adapts on-the-fly to the customer’s channel of choice at different stages of the customer journey – to always deliver the best possible content experience, regardless of channel or device


Automate Rich Product Media set generation and enable media to flow uninterrupted from studio to site, as powerful scripts build media sets based on metadata

Publishing and Content Delivery

The Amplience Retail Engagement platform offers best in class speed and reliability thanks to unique Content Delivery Network (CDN) load balancing technology. Integrated seamlessly with the leading CDN platforms it offers more efficient content delivery by optimizing performance of the ‘last mile’, while boosting overall CDN availability to 99.99%.

A mid-tier cache and tight API integration enables support for multiple publishing endpoints and for scheduling.


Underpins improved customer experience by selecting in real time the CDN able to deliver the optimum mix of speed and reliability


Supports international content delivery by automatically choosing the right CDN for the locale


Provides content object and asset level invalidation and cache-clear capability


Drives dynamic customer experiences by enabling content specific TTLs and a mid-tier layer that underpins real time content update

Pre-built Integrations

Amplience employs a modern cloud-first, API-first architecture, which simplifies integration with commerce platforms and makes it easy to embed seamless transactional elements within the content experience – to ensure retail content drives sales.

The Retail Engagement platform integrates with leading e-commerce platforms from Salesforce Commerce Cloud, IBM, Magento, SAP® Hybris® and others – enabling you to plug Retail Engagement management and Dynamic Media created content into your existing ecommerce infrastructure.


APIs and SDKs

The Retail Engagement software development kit provides new levels of customization control by enabling the creation of new breed Retail Engagement ‘apps’ and widgets that re-use and re-purpose brand content, user generated content, and digital commerce experiences in entirely new ways.


The Amplience Customer Success team helps users tackle the Retail Engagement Challenge and get the best return on content investment, by implementing tailored Retail Engagement solutions. Find out more:

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