AI Bundling, Powered by Stylitics

Expertly Styled Product Recommendations Powered by AI

Stylitics’ AI-driven image technology solutions

Spend your time on strategy, not manual editing, with AI-driven outfitting and bundling experiences to increase conversion, average order value and customer engagement... at scale.

Deliver AI-powered Product Recommendations Across Your Site 

Easily add AI-driven outfitting and bundling to your customers’ shopping journey in just a few clicks.

Boost Conversion, Average Order Value and Cross-sell

Keep customers engaged throughout the journey, increasing average order value, units per transaction and conversion rates by up to 40%.

Analyze and Understand Shopping Behavior

Harness over 100 billion sessions of shopping data to deliver more relevant experiences and drive brand loyalty.

Proof That It Performs

Stylitics’ Forrester TEI study highlights 563% ROI and powerful impact on conversion rate, average order value and time savings.

Take Shopping From Transactional to Inspirational

AI bundling includes: Dimensions, Hotspots, Galleries, Mix & Match.
  • Supercharge your PDPs and create beautiful bundles for every shopper profile.
  • Style at scale. 100% styling coverage for your entire catalogue.
  • Showcase entire collections and coordinated product themes or bundle products across categories.
  • Inspire your customer wherever they shop. Reach the customer on site, mobile, email, social, and in app.

Stylitics and Amplience are ridding the world of bad shopping experiences

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Bye-Bye Bad Shopping Experiences

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