Amplience Launches eComm Toolkit

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Streamlines Integration Between Amplience’s CMS Dynamic Content and Leading Commerce Platforms - including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Big Commerce and commercetools.

NEW YORK and LONDON, Aug 22, 2023 - Amplience, the AI Content company, today announced its continued focus on empowering developers with the launch of its eComm Toolkit, which includes new and enhanced connectors for Shopify, BigCommerce, commercetools and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Providing a framework for easier and faster integration between these leading commerce platforms and Amplience’s Dynamic Content management system (CMS), the eComm Toolkit is available in the Amplience Marketplace, a destination for developers and business users to discover ways to integrate and extend the value of Amplience.

The battle for customers is greater than ever, and the faster businesses can act and react to build strong and engaging digital consumer experiences, the better they can compete in a challenging economy. With Amplience’s eComm Toolkit, developers can empower merchandisers and marketers to rapidly create personalized, relevant commerce experiences more easily at scale without leaving the Amplience platform.

The eComm Toolkit simplifies content and personalization workflows and eliminates human error by removing the need to manually reference information stored in commerce platforms and paste into Amplience.

Amplience’s eComm Toolkit maps three primary commerce functions into Amplience:

Commerce Categories

Pulls commerce categories from the commerce platform automatically into Amplience. This makes it easy for users to pull categories into things like navigation structure and hierarchies without needing to manually reference and paste from the commerce platform.

Content Personalization through User Segments

Maps user groups or segments from the commerce platform automatically into Amplience. This makes it simple for users to create personalized content experiences by pulling in targeted user segments from the commerce platforms and eliminates the need for copy and paste.

Product IDs and Keywords

Enables users to search and choose single or several products from the commerce platforms to populate a content item in Amplience. This makes it easy to build things like product carousels or populate a curated product listing page faster.

“With our new eComm Toolkit, we continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to providing the developer community with the tools they need to successfully do their jobs and increase productivity so their users can deliver more impactful content and experiences,“ said John Williams, CTO at Amplience. “We look forward to sharing more capabilities for developers in the future while maintaining our laser-focus on empowering businesses to quickly create and deliver compelling customer experiences designed to drive business and loyalty.“

To learn more about the Amplience eComm Toolkit click here. To discover additional extensions and integrations from Amplience, visit Amplience’s marketplace.