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Demostore Core

Integration Type: Starter KitsDeveloped: Amplience

The Demostore Core starter kit is a React/Material/NextJS front-end e-Commerce application implemented with Typescript that showcases a visual representation of the Amplience Platform for demo purposes.

This starter kit includes Storybook, a visual documentation of the UI components, things like product lists, banners, blogs, stores and more. It also includes a Debug/X-Ray panel to help you understand how the pages and components are structured, what context you are looking at the application in, and the ability to click directly from the application to the related content in Amplience Dynamic Content.​

Demostore Core is intended for DEMO PURPOSES only, not for production-optimized environments.​


  • Visual representation of output powered from Amplience Dynamic Content​

  • Supports multi-language and multi-currency front-ends​

  • Supports multiple components and content types implemented (banners, card lists, blogs, slots, etc.)​

  • Multiple visualisation implemented (i.e. page, standalone, time-based, etc.)

  • Visualisation SDK implementation for real-time visualisation from Amplience Dynamic Content​

  • Filter API implementation for store page and product details page personalisation​

  • GraphQL implementation to connect to e-Commerce (i.e. commercetools, BigCommerce, file-based catalog, etc.)​

  • Admin panel for managing visualization of content, slots, editions, switch between production and staging view

  • Custom dashboards (i.e. translation, production Kanban board, deep clone)


  • Available to all Amplience customers​

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