Headless: Amplience vs. Adobe Experience Manager

See why commerce organizations choose Amplience over Adobe Experience Manager as the most trusted AI Content Platform and headless infrastructure.

Commerce businesses are rapidly moving from all-in-one solutions for managing and delivering their content to adopting multiple components from different technology providers. Why? Because they offer the flexibility to customize based on their needs and adapt to the evolving needs of consumers. This is precisely why businesses choose Amplience.

AI Content Platform built for commerce  

Our mission is to rid the world of bad shopping experiences and Amplience is the only platform that’s built for shopping. By providing advanced AI-powered tools that other providers can’t, marketers and merchandisers can quickly produce content and sell more products faster.

DAM designed for AI shopping experiences

With the Amplience Content Hub and Dynamic Media, all your AI-generated and optimized digital assets are instantly available, giving you complete control over how, where, and when you use them. Create endless variants of a single asset, adjust the weight of images to ensure fast, effortless shopping experiences, replace image backgrounds without having to wait for your creative teams to do it, and so much more.

The most visual headless CMS

Unlike DXPs that offer a one-size-fits-all suite of solutions, Amplience Dynamic Content delivers a flexible, API-first CMS built for scale and guaranteed to meet your business needs. With Amplience’s headless infrastructure, non-technical users can create, modify, and publish content with ease to any channel or locale. Marketers and merchants are empowered with dozens of content templates, real-time content previewing before it goes live, reliable campaign scheduling, and more.  

The fastest time-to-value  

Get started with Amplience in weeks instead of months, and benefit from an easy-to-use platform and AI designed to empower marketers and merchandisers by automating time-consuming tasks. We also offer a range of templates and AI accelerators to speed up your time-to-value.

400 of the World’s Most Powerful Brands Use Amplience

Bye-Bye Bad Shopping Experiences

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