Why Developers Choose Amplience

Beth Norton
September 15, 2023
5 mins

It’s no secret that Amplience is great for marketers, merchandisers and content teams — our generative content platform with shopping context provides all the tools needed to deliver connected, persuasive shopping experiences across all channels.

But our platform is also built to make life easy for developers, with APIs and tools that work with your preferred technology stack. Here’s a quick overview in numbers …


The number of API requests per second. We support developers in managing complex technological demands with APIs built for enterprise-scale experiences.

Learn more about Amplience APIs.


TBs of assets delivered each day. We support the delivery of lightning-fast response times through globally distributed content delivery networks (CDNs).

Learn more about content delivery networks.


The volume of code releases per year. Because we’re committed to continually evolving and improving our platform.

Discover the latest releases from Amplience.

Not sold yet? Here are seven ways that Amplience empowers developers to build brilliant shopping experiences.

7 Reasons Why Developers Love Amplience

1. Flexibility to develop the way you want

Build in your language and framework of choice with SDKs for JavaScript, iOS and Android with our technology-neutral, API-first platform.

2. Extend and customize without interruptions

Continuously build on and improve your commerce experience with pre-built or BYO integrations, extensions, and webhooks without impacting users. We support development teams in progressing with multiple projects and workstreams, allowing you to test and launch smoothly, without interrupting the frontend experience.

3. Empower business users to do their best work

Our real-time preview functionality allows business users to review updates to the digital experience as they type and make changes, allowing them to confidently publish campaigns across any channel or device — meaning far fewer tickets for development time.

4. Living, breathing Developer Portal

Everything you need to evaluate Amplience products and all the resources to build, deliver, scale and maintain fast and flexible API-driven experiences are just one click away in our Developer Portal.

5. Customize everything

Structure content for any experience or channel with custom content types, flexible hierarchies, easily definable slots and more. We provide the tools to create truly connected shopping experiences that boost customer loyalty and engagement.

6. Built for developer success

Draw from the best developer tools, SDKs and examples to quickly and easily connect data and assets from your content graph to your frontend of choice.

7. Flexible ecosystem

Customize with multiple UI extensions, integrate data from third-party sources, automate translation and localization, or streamline production with webhooks.

Whether you’re building web applications, mobile apps, or IoT solutions, our API-first platform makes it easy to access and deliver content seamlessly. Using our headless CMS and robust CDN provides developers with the flexibility to create outstanding digital experiences across a variety of touchpoints, and facilitate high traffic volumes while maintaining optimal performance.

And, we’re here to support you every step of the way during project delivery. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just getting started, you’ll find comprehensive guides and tutorials in our developer documentation to help you make the most of Amplience’s capabilities.