Introducing Amplience Studios: Sales-driving Product Content and Assets at Infinite Scale

Kelly Masters
June 6, 2024

It’s been a few months since we published a sneak peek of Amplience Studios. Along with this came our vision to make the creation of sales-driving, on-brand content easier than ever while empowering retailers and brands with the ability to act on every sales opportunity. Since then, we’ve completed countless hours of research, chatted with customers, shared preview demos, and crafted a solution that helps make this a reality.

Today, I’m thrilled to share how you can get your hands on Amplience Studios.

Introducing Amplience Studios

In eCommerce, we know competition is fierce and every conversion counts. You must be highly strategic and agile when it comes to your content production processes. Shoppers need to be more than attracted, you must have the right content, for the right audience that makes your products stand out at exactly the right moment. You also need the ability to act on unplanned opportunities. Get it wrong and risk missing out on conversions that impact your bottom line.

Generating enough on-brand content with relevant images for every product and every audience is time consuming and expensive. Generic AI solutions can get you part of the way, but do you trust them with your brand? Do they know your customers? Your products? Your voice? And most importantly, can it scale?

Amplience Studios solve for exactly this. Built specifically for retailers and brands, Studios give marketers and merchants the power to scale media-rich, on-brand product content and asset production faster than ever before, meeting every audience and channel. This helps meet your intended audiences with the right messages and the right products at the right time, helping you sell more and sell faster.

Amplience Studios includes both Content Studio and Image Studio, designed together to help you save on costs by empowering users to bypass traditional content creation bottlenecks so your teams can focus less on remedial tasks and more on storytelling and exploring creative ideas. React at speed, generate on-brand experiences, and sell more product….let’s get into the details!

Content Studio: On-brand, SEO-optimized product content for every audience at scale  

Your brand and reputation combined with how you connect with customers is everything. Content Studio is your well-oiled and on-brand content machine, helping you generate content at scale that aligns to your brand and goals.

With templates built specifically for retailers and brands, you can quickly create content variants for any topic, product, locale or audience at scale. Simply input your brand guidelines, desired audiences, and connect your commerce engine and you’re ready to start creating!

Some of our customer’s most loved use cases for Content Studio are:

  • Creating effective product descriptions with a default brand and tone of voice at scale (Did you know 87% of online shoppers consider product descriptions to be crucial when making a buying decision and an estimated 30% abandon carts due to poor product descriptions.)

  • Localizing product content and short/long-form content at scale

  • Building effective buying guides with actual products for each audience

  • Building variants of social and ad copy

  • Creating combinations of product comparisons

  • Generating content to support unscheduled events (for example a news event, competition or inventory clearance)

  • Creating FAQ documents or shipping information

  • Optimizing every piece of content for SEO keywords and generating SEO descriptions

By combining AI with attributes unique to YOUR brand, Content Studio offers fast generation of relevant content and content variants customized to your goals at a much higher efficacy. But we know content is only part of the story. You must have the right images to accompany content. That is where Image Studio comes in.

Image Studio: Create images that sell without specialist support

Content Studio enables marketers and merchants to create product content at record speed. But wait! What about a relevant header image for a product buying guide that actually features your products? Traditionally you’re faced with two routes – settle for stock imagery and compromise on brand experience or, put an image request into your creative team or agency – meaning extra time/money and a longer time to start driving conversions.

Image Studio partners perfectly with Content Studio to free content producers from inflexible processes and take control by creating and editing images without specialist support.

Enabling content producers to create and edit product images frees your creative specialists from remedial tasks so they can focus on strategic projects and gets your content live sooner so you can drive conversions.

Image Studio is ideal for:

  • Prepping images for new uses with instant background image removal

  • Repurposing images for different contexts by applying a solid background color, replacing background images, or generating new background images

  • Making your products stand out with background blur

  • Removing unwanted distractions from your image with magic eraser

Image Studio enables marketers and merchants to repurpose and reuse any image, adapting it in seconds to new seasons, promotions and audiences. Out-dated processes no longer need to stand in the way.

Watch this space! Image Studio will be available in Labs Preview very soon or you can contact us for a demo today.

Where to learn more and sign up

Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come around Amplience Studios. For more detailed information, check out our Amplience Studios webpages.

If you’d like to signup for a free trial, click here. To discover our entire platform and request a demo, click here.