Introducing Our Developer Portal

Nick Piper
October 9, 2022
2 mins
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At Amplience we are proud to enable business users and technical teams to work together to deliver modern digital experiences that convert. Our features are carefully designed to empower every team to efficiently get their jobs done without blocking each other.To deliver on this, I am excited to announce the launch of our Developer Portal: a dedicated area of our site that brings together everything technical teams need to build, deliver, maintain and scale your digital experiences.

The portal is home to everything developers need when evaluating and building with Amplience including:

  • Documentation

  • Concept Overviews

  • Release Notes

  • Code Samples

  • Dev Tools

  • API references

  • Status Reporting

  • And more!

We’ve done a ground-up redesign to provide a much better user experience on desktop and mobile, completely rebuilt on a modern React framework.

New IA (Information Architecture) and landing pages make it much easier to navigate the site and find what you’re looking for.

New Resources

Beyond a new look, we’ve also released fresh resources and convenient paths for our developer community to learn about Amplience.

Getting Started Guides With Interactive Code Samples

Step-by-step guides help you get started as quickly as possible, with interactive code sandboxes for your framework of choice between JavaScript, React, Vue, Angular and Svelte.

Using the example of a simple banner, we show you how to create a content type, use that content type to add some content, consume the content from the CMS using our Content Delivery SDK, and render it on a page.

Collated Resources By Language And Platform

Choose the way you get up to speed, with collated resources including sample code, SDKs and other resources for common platforms and programming languages.

Concept Overviews

Each CMS out there has its own set of terminology and approaches. To help you navigate building with Amplience, we’ve distilled ours down into key concept overviews covering:

  • Content modelling and creation

  • Content preview and publication

  • Querying and retrieving content

  • Managing users and accounts

User Guides

Our user guides have been updated and restructured to be task focussed and better map to common user journeys. The guides explain how to use Amplience to perform activities such as creating, scheduling and publishing content, and managing the assets used by your content.

New Content Delivery SDKs

Building upon our existing Software Development Kits, we’ve added SDKs for building mobile apps with iOS or Android.

More To Come

We are committed to continually improving our developer experience and you can expect this portal to grow alongside our product evolution. Coming up, we plan to release technology specific getting started guides.

Please explore the new portal and if you have feedback about what you see today and resources that would help you in the future, please contact me.