Summer Summit Session With Harry Rosen

How Harry Rosen Is Putting Customers First With Headless Commerce

Watch The Session

Watch this session as Ian Rosen (VP Digital & Strategy, Harry Rosen), Thom Armstrong (VP Solutions, Amplience), Kelly Goetsch (CPO, commercetools), and Katherine Jones (Director of Platform Strategy, Myplanet) offer insight into why leading premium retail fashion brand, Harry Rosen, migrated away from their traditional, monolithic commerce platform to a modern headless approach.

Video Highlights

  • 2:07 — Introduction to Harry Rosen

  • 3:48 — The business pain-points and technical challenges before the move to headless

  • 5:16 — The business case for headless

  • 7:30 — Why headless?

  • 9:14 — How do you translate a physical store experience to a digital platform?

  • 12:47 — Creating a personalised customer experience

  • 20:41 — What organisational changes were made to make the transition to digital a reality?

  • 24:19 — Finding the right technology partners

  • 33:32 — Business lessons learnt

  • 36:33 — Demo

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