A Recipe For Headless Commerce Success

with Amplience & Traeger Grills

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If you’re thinking about relaunching your commerce site using a headless architecture, want to learn more about what’s involved and what results you can expect, then you need to watch this video.

Our VP, Solutions, Thom Armstrong chats with Will Behunin, Director Digital Platforms at Traeger Grills about their recently relaunched digital experience. Spanning a commerce website, to native app, all the way to their Wi-Fi enabled grills, Traeger needed a solution that would provide maximum agility. With its high performance, speed and ease, adopting a headless architecture was the clear path forward to solve Traeger’s business needs. And Amplience was in a perfect place to help them achieve it.

Video Highlights:

  • 8:40 - Why Traeger Decided to Go Headless

  • 15:00 - The Right Ingredients for Headless Commerce

  • 26:38 - The Results

  • 29:36 - Lessons Learned

  • 32:40 - What’s Next?

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