Composable Commerce in Action

A Panel Discussion on Composable Commerce in the Real Word.

“An Enabler for a Future You Can’t Yet Conceive.”

“To me the term best-of-breed is incredibly destructive as a term...The goal is to have an architecture that is best-of-need.” - Holden Bale, GVP, Huge.

Composable commerce isn’t going to be the right fit for every business. You could just be throwing money away trying to achieve something that doesn’t suit your overall strategy. But it certainly opens up a load of opportunities for your business’ future, especially if that future has digital at its core.

Holden joins Katherine Jones, Vice President of Platform Strategy at Myplanet and Thom Armstrong, VP Solutions at Amplience, to discuss actually putting composable commerce into action, when is it a good fit and the expectations around seeing business value from it.

Video Highlights:

  • 3.16 - Why and when do you recommend composable commerce?

  • 7.06 - Who should you be influencing internally? Who’s driving the conversations around composable commerce?

  • 12.27 - What characteristics do you tell people to look at when going down a composable route?

  • 14.27 - When composable commerce comes together, who’s driving the strategy?

  • 17.32 - Composable commerce project surprises

  • 20.30 - How do you help clients keep the faith when outcomes can be more incremental rather than big bang?

  • 23.49 - Composable commerce in a true omnichannel scenario

  • 25.35 - When wouldn’t you recommend composable commerce?

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