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An introduction to composable commerce

Key highlights:

  • It’s not just about composable commerce but the wider composable enterprise
  • Multi-experience means delivering to different touchpoints, but composable commerce will help you deliver continuity across those touchpoints
  • The evolution of eCommerce from rigid monoliths to the emerging modular approach
  • An explanation of composable commerce and its business and technical benefits
  • The digital maturity needed to implement composable commerce

An introduction to composable commerce.

Commerce is one of the most competitive parts of the digital landscape. Businesses are struggling to stay agile and keep up with the unprecedented amount of change. The shift to composable commerce is a step toward delivering on customer demands across multiple touchpoints but also toward delivering continuity across those channels.

With a focus on the evolution of eCommerce, what composable commerce actually is, what benefits you can see by adopting this approach, and posing the question of whether your business is ready for a composable approach, Gartner senior director analyst Mike Lowndes talks through how composable commerce is changing the shape of commerce today.

Video highlights:

  • 3.17 - Mike Lowndes, Gartner senior director analyst, introduces composable commerce

  • 5.13 - The business context and drivers, including current IT megatrends

  • 8.30 - The evolution of commerce platforms and the three approaches

  • 13.35 - A look at Gartner’s Future of Applications research, including business and technical benefits of a composable approach

  • 24.14 - Are you ready for composable commerce?