You Chose Mach. Now What?

How to Get Started & Get ROI.

Business Buy-in. It’s Where the Hard Part Starts.

Choosing MACH is the easy part. Getting your business to buy into it and aligning your teams behind the new approach is where the hard part can come in. Because MACH isn’t just about re-platforming, it’s a new approach to digital within the business that affects process, workflows and quite often team structure.

As part of the MACH Alliance Information Festival, Alison Williams, Business Development Director at Amplience, David Barth, Senior Director, Technology Partners at Algolia, and Mihaela Mazzenga, Senior VP of Technology Strategy at Valtech, got together to discuss the foundational steps of getting started when transitioning your team to MACH.

Video Highlights

  • 2:13 - Introduction to Headless and MACH

  • 6:37 - MACH Architecture

  • 11:19 - Qualifications for MACH

  • 16:33 - Is there a trend that brands should follow on how to transition to MACH?

  • 22:08 - Objections & Resources

  • 32:41 - How to start going MACH

  • 43:38 - 0-MACH in 4 weeks tips

  • 47:40 - Q&A

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