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Every enterprise today aspires to build a digital-first, customer-centric customer experience.

However, delivering valuable, differentiated experiences at every customer interaction, at scale, demands that leaders fundamentally change how they think about building these experiences.

Modular content – building up experiences from atomic content modules – is an approach that can deliver significant benefits by automating the assembly of experiences, but how do you, as a Digital Experience leader, implement this approach.

Our guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Ryan Skinner has been researching this topic and has identified three key customer experience problems that Modular Content solves for. They are:

  1. localization, brand and regulatory compliance,

  2. brand discovery and product conversion,

  3. personalization at scale.

Watch as Ryan shares the research into these business cases, and advice for how to apply them, alongside Amplience Founder, James Brooke.

Video Highlights

  • 1:45 - Introduction

  • 2:20 - What are Forrester's drivers for marketers?

  • 17:52 - Modular content

  • 22:24 - Benefits and values

  • 24:04 - Four reasons why marketers love modular content

  • 25:10 - Three primary modular content use cases

  • 30:32 - Three major shifts businesses make

  • 33:03 - Recommendations

  • 37:15 - Disscussion

  • 31:41 - Q&A

Who is Speaking:

Ryan Skinner

Ryan Skinner

Principal Analyst at


James Brooke

James Brooke

Founder And CEO at


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