Luxury Retail Reinvented

A Q&A With Graham Broomfield.

Letting Exclusivity and Quality Shine.

Luxury retail is changing. It needs to. In a world where digital rules, retailers must look at how they engage with customers, how they create those experiences wholly centered around the customer, and they must look at the role their physical stores play in all of it.

Graham Broomfield, Chief Digital Officer at Neve Jewels and luxury digital consultant, joined James Brooke, Founder of Amplience, to discuss the changing industry and what luxury retailers need to do to succeed.

Together, James and Graham have also gone in-depth into luxury retail, looking at how retailers must shake up their operations and rethink their customer experiences, in their whitepaper here.


  • The impact of Covid-19 on luxury retail and how brands are evolving

  • How luxury can integrate technology within their in-store experience

  • The role of personalization in luxury retail

  • How the physical store fits in the luxury model moving forward

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