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An Ecommerce Expo 2021 Session.

It’s in the Bag for Mulberry.

Luxury leather goods brand, Mulberry, are known to many. But to drive their timeless brand into the future, they knew they needed to deliver more engaging digital experiences, ones that replicated the in-store experience, that really allowed them to merchandize and showcase all their products and collections, and that made their products more discoverable. Plus, they needed to be able customize it all across 25 different regions.

Emily Godfrey, Senior Solutions Consultant at Amplience, joined Matt Foyle, Solutions Engineering Manager at Algolia, as part of the ECommerce Expo 2021 to discuss how Mulberry have focused on search discovery and content in order to achieve their goals. By breaking down Mulberry’s digital transformation they offer tips and tactics to help other retailers achieve the same results.

Key Highlights

  • Products need to be more easily and quickly discoverable

  • Speed is of the utmost importance in search, as is an instant feedback loop

  • Product content needs to be rich, you need to feel the products

  • Merchandizers need to be able to replicate the in-store experience as well online and doing that needs to be simple for them

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