Fast Forward with MACH

Digital Transformation at the Speed of MACH.

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Microservices, API-driven, Cloud and Headless (MACH) are the core elements of the composable commerce revolution. Having an agile, future proofed commerce solution is critical to remaining competitive as the world rebounds from the pandemic and ecommerce is set to explode over the coming decade.

In this session we have an open discussion about the impact of a MACH driven architecture and how your brand can use it to realize your business ambitions in 2021.

commercetools’ Sales Director, Nikhil Kulkarni hosts the session joined by a panel of industry experts who give us a practical understanding of the business benefits of composable commerce and why MACH is fast becoming the driving force behind business transformations.

Key Highlights:

  • A better understanding about what MACH is and how it ties into a strategy for business growth

  • An overview of the commercetools platform

  • How Emakina have added value to the platform

  • Examples of user stories/cases

  • What to consider before you embark on a composable commerce journey – or try to sell this to your C-suite

  • The role of flexible Order Management within a seamless omnichannel experience

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