Composable Excellence

An E2x & commercetools Webinar on Composable Commerce.

The Shift. In Mindset and Technology.

“It’s the flexibility of an unlimited buffet but with the quality of an à la carte menu. You get to pick and choose from a wide range of very focused features that are master of their trade not jack of all trades.” -Dom Selvon, CTO at E2X.

Whether it be SaaS applications, microservices or composable infrastructure, knowing the best way to set up your architecture going forward will help ensure its success. In this webinar supported by Amplience, Dom Selvon from E2X and Kelly Goetsch, commercetools CPO and MACH Alliance co-founder, discussed how to build a sustainable and successful architecture with composable commerce in order to achieve operational excellence.

Video Highlights:

  • 2:08 – What does composable commerce mean?

  • 6:30 – Does Composable Commerce relate to the wider enterprise architecture?

  • 8:28 – The business value of composable commerce

  • 12:04 – The complexity and challenges of a composable architecture

  • 16:45 – What does a composable architecture look like?

  • 19:00 – The drivers behind what approach to take

  • 23:39 - The main challenges of a composable architecture

  • 27:53 – How to begin the transition to a composable architecture

  • 32:28 – What does operational excellence look like?

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