How to Transform Shopping Experiences and Boost AOV with AI Bundling

Boost Conversions & AOV with the NEW Amplience and Stylitics Integration

Now more than ever before, shoppers expect a seamless, connected and intuitive digital experience to inspire them to make a purchase.

In our webinar hear from Amplience CEO, Anthony Lye, and Stylitics CEO, Rohan Deuskar, as they discuss the future of digital retail, our shared mission to help retailers stay ahead of the curve, and how this unique partnership makes it easier than ever to deliver exceptional shopping experiences that increase AOV.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Discover how AI-powered product recommendations, outfitting and bundling increases conversions, boosts AOV and provides an opportunity to cross-sell.

  • Uncover the full potential of AI to elevate customer engagement and drive substantial revenue growth.

  • For retailers of all sizes, these key insights will help you transform your digital strategy.