The Challenges of Cyber Week

How Ecommerce Businesses Are Tackling the Holiday Promos Season.

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Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Every Day.

Cyber Week is tough. We get it. A lot of revenue is riding on it. A lot of stress is placed on the team. That’s why we wanted to truly understand how different eCommerce businesses are functioning during this period and how they’re planning for it too. Most importantly, we wanted to see how we could help – not just our customers, but every business dealing with similar issues.

So, we went and asked those that are in the thick of it – our customers like Ariat, Liberty London, and Crate & Barrel, and those within Amplience who have now dealt with Cyber Week from both sides.

I had a manager once say it [Cyber Week] was like working in an emergency room. - Ariat

Taking Back Control During Cyber Week

A Conversation with Ariat

To help alleviate all the stress that can come with Cyber Week, we sat down with top eCommerce retailer Ariat to understand what challenges they encounter and how they tackle it.

A Conversation with Liberty

Even with all the planning possible, Cyber Week and the holidays can present challenges for content teams. We spoke with Liberty London to see how they tackle it.

A Conversation with Crate & Barrel

Keeping up with the rapid pace of Cyber Week is stressful. We spoke with Crate & Barrel to understand how they deal with it and how Amplience have helped.

Peak Problems? No Problem

When it comes to Peak trading, we’ve got you. And that’s not just a sweeping statement. Amplience was built for retailers, with retailers in mind.

Seeing Holiday Season From Both Sides

Hear from Mike Badamo and Neil Cooper at Amplience on their perspectives on delivering successful holiday season campaigns, how having the right tools matter, and how retailers should be adjusting their strategies and operations going forward.

Taking back control during Cyber Week

Understand how retailers can take back control to make Cyber Week easier by looking at the key challenges faced and what the fixes are.

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