The Bodiless Frontend

A Conversation with Vue Storefront.

The Demise of the Ecommerce Monolith.

The time where you got everything out the box to serve your eCommerce needs is over. Because vendors can’t be good at everything right? That’s why Vue Storefront have very much found their role as the “body less frontend platform for headless commerce,” focused on the developer experiences.

Patrick Friday, CEO and Co-Founder at Vue Storefront, joined Neil Mistry, VP of Solutions at Amplience, to discuss Vue Storefront in more detail, including Vue Storefront Cloud, and our partnership together.

Key Highlights:

  • What exactly Vue Storefront does

  • The advantages of Vue Storefront Cloud

  • How Amplience integrates with Vue Storefront and the benefits of our partnership together

Bye-Bye Bad Shopping Experiences

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