Making MACH work

A conversation with Valtech.


  • The impact of MACH and where you can see value as a business
  • How to design a team to get the most out of MACH
  • Delivering value long term and thinking past go-live

Developing the way forward.

Speed is of the essence. Agility is the goal. MACH is the answer.

A lot of businesses are wanting to change and adapt. Many have to in order to survive. But how is MACH going to help them do that? How can they help themselves to do that?

Pascal Lagarde, VP Commerce at Valtech, joined John Williams, CTO of Amplience, to discuss MACH architecture and its impact on development and businesses – everything from internal organization to the shift in mindset needed to succeed.

Video highlights:

  • 00:46 - What is the main impact of MACH architecture?
  • 04:26 - How can companies design their teams to get the most out of MACH?
  • 07:29 - What do teams need to think about to keep delivering value in the long term?
  • 12:03 - Why is the Amplience and Valtech partnership important?
  • 14:23 - How to get in touch