Innovating in a Transactional World

A Conversation with Spryker.

Living a Lego Life.

Older legacy platforms give you a much more prescribed framework. You can clip in a few bits here and there but it is very much out of the box and away you go. New ones however simply give you the bricks you need and rely on your creativity.

Some still like the comfort of the old world sure, but within this ever-connected world those looking to drive innovative experiences and differentiate themselves from others need to own the project management and define what they want and don’t want.

Alexander Graf, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Spryker, joined James Brooke, Founder of Amplience, to discuss the shift toward new technology like headless, and how to survive with older eCommerce business models.

Video Highlights:

  • 05:26 - Did customer experience come before commerce in the headless market?

  • 11:20 - Tell us bit more about Spryker and your focus

  • 15:37 - An Amplience example of a technology enabled experience

  • 24:15 - How are Amplience and Spryker partnering together?

  • 31:08 - How can you survive with older eCommerce business models?

  • 34:56 - What is your take on the different technical innovations in the market?

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