The rise of PWAs & mobile

A conversation with Salesforce.

We ask:

  • What changes are you seeing in industries other than retail as a result of Covid-19?
  • What’s holding everyone back from having a PWA?
  • How do you see PWAs evolving and what are your recommendations when evaluating a PWA vs a native app?
  • What’s your number one argument for buying over building?
  • What are your expectations for mobile over the holidays?

Striking the right balance.

It's all a balancing act. Deciding between customer touchpoints and user experiences, and how to deliver those experiences, is what it comes down to. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are beginning to close the gap on native apps, mobile experiences are more advanced than ever, and industries outside of retail are maturing a lot more digitally, much as a result of Covid-19.

Igor Faletski, VP of Mobify at Salesforce, chatted with Thom Armstrong, VP Solutions, Amplience about the rise in PWAs, the impact of Covid on eCommerce, and the role mobile will play moving forward.

Video highlights:

  • 0:24 - What industry changes have you seen due to Covid-19?
  • 3:37 - PWAs vs. Native Apps
  • 6:04 - Build or Buy?
  • 8:24 - What does headless mean to you?