App Commerce

A Conversation with Poq.

Native Isn’t the Only Way, Just the Best Way.

There was a time when being mobile-responsive threatened to take over the app. But now apps are back and very much here to stay. With better engagement metrics, and customers demanding the best experiences, especially on mobile devices, apps are a natural fit for brands and retailers.

Jay Johnston, CEO of Poq, joined James Brooke, Founder of Amplience, to discuss app commerce, why native apps are a compelling proposition for brands, and how Poq and Amplience are coming together to empower retailers to create incredible mobile shopping experiences.

Video Highlights

  • 2:06 - What are your ambitions for POQ?

  • 4:36 - What is the main driver behind the focus on apps?

  • 8:17 - What does the POQ platform provide for retailers?

  • 12:02 - How does POQ’s strategy align with Amplience in delivering more flexibility?

  • 17:13 - How will POQ integrate with Amplience?

  • 20:17 - What key trends do you expect to see over the next 12 months?

  • 24:00 - Where is Virtual Reality at especially in comparison to Augmented Reality?

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