Getting Personal

A Conversation with Personify XP.

How Much Do You Really Know about Your Customers?

True personalization is the holy grail right now for brands and retailers. Because getting to know your customers and their behaviours in a way that is more than just personas and a bit of customization is paramount in delivering the digital experiences they expect.

Josh Scotton, Co-Founder and COO of Personify XP, joined John Williams, CTO at Amplience, to discuss how you can approach personalizing your experiences in this modern world, and how both breaking down your content into smaller components and taking a MACH approach to your architecture can help.

Key Highlights:

  • Approaching and implementing personalization

  • How to make it easier to personalize content (and deal with loads of contents), and not just fall back on product recommendations

  • How MACH architecture can help brands implement personalization a lot easier and quicker

  • Reacting to real-time information and creating valuable feedback loops

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