Taking a digital step ahead

A Conversation with Hotter Shoes


  • The Hotter Shoes digital transformation before and throughout Covid
  • The challenges and benefits the transformation has brought about
  • Advice for other retailers looking at improving digital experiences
  • How outside influences like Covid, social media and Peak are influencing Hotter Shoes

A bold move towards a bright future.

“Be Brave. And do it.” That’s the advice to other retailers from Hotter Shoes Chief Commercial Officer Victoria Betts when it comes to embarking on a digital transformation.

Hotter Shoes admittedly have faced some adversity, 59 store closures for one, but their shift to better serve their customers’ needs online has seen them facing a future of growth again.

So how have they done it? Victoria joined James Brooke, Founder and CEO of Amplience, to discuss their digital transformation, as well as her advice to other retailers, their approach to Covid and the rise in social media and content consumption.

Video Highlights:

  • 00:22 - Tell us about Hotter Shoes and your role?
  • 01:48 - Digital Transformation: what are your objectives and how is it going?
  • 03:55 - What were the challenges of getting everyone aligned during the digital transformation?
  • 05:34 - What are the benefits of the digital transformation for Hotter Shoes?
  • 07:19 - What advice would you give to other retailers looking to transform their digital experience?
  • 08:30 - What was your approach to usability and testing?
  • 10:30 - How has Covid-19 affected the business?
  • 12:50 - Have you changed the way you think about content and experience?
  • 16:50 - How important is the peak period for Hotter Shoes?
  • 18:45 - How is social media changing the way customers access the site?
  • 20:28 - How are Hotter Shoes using Amplience?
  • 22:30 - What’s next for Hotter Shoes?