Coping with a Covid world.

A conversation with Frontastic


  • The effects of Covid-19 on retail

  • Becoming customer-centric

  • MACH principles and what they mean for customers

  • How the digital landscape will evolve over the next year or two

Putting digital at your heart.

“Every company has to become a digital company otherwise you won’t survive.” -Thomas Gottheil, CEO and Co-Founder of Frontastic.

Covid-19 has sparked tremendous growth in eCommerce. An online presence is almost mandatory now. But where brands will thrive going forward is through the move to digital business models. Now is the time to put customers first and building meaningful experiences, with headless technology offering the opportunity to differentiate.

Thomas joined James Brooke, CEO and Co-Founder of Amplience, to discuss the effects of Covid-19 on retail, becoming customer-centric, and MACH technology.

Video highlights:

  • 4:42 -What is Frontastic all about?
  • 7:27 -Did Covid-19 effect consumer behavior?
  • 9:15 -How do you become customer centric?
  • 12:15 -What does MACH mean to you?
  • 14:24 -Why MACH?
  • 17:01 -What does MACH mean for customers?
  • 18:57 -How does the Amplience and Frontastic partnership benefit customers?
  • 23:57 -How will the digital landscape evolve over the next 12 –18 months?