It's A MACH World

A Conversation with EPAM

Believing in Change.

There’s a proliferation of acronyms and industry terms that everyone is getting to grips with when it comes to eCommerce technology. MACH is one of them. But MACH is more than that, it’s a set of values for developers, a rallying cry almost, standing for digital freedom and the ability to make change quickly.

Join Matt Bradbeer, Director, Client Partner at EPAM and James Brooke, Amplience Founder, as they explore the world of MACH, the move away from modular and monolithic platforms, the impact of Covid-19, and the MACH Alliance.

Video Highlights:

  • 2:11 - What is the MACH Alliance?

  • 4:31 - What does MACH mean?

  • 7:33 - Why does MACH matter?

  • 9:54 - Is there any danger going back to a modular approach?

  • 15:17 - Have we come to the end of the monolith era?

  • 17:20 - How has MACH helped with the mass disruption from Covid-19?

  • 23:54 - How do you join the MACH Alliance?

  • 27:04 - What makes a company eligible to join the MACH Alliance?

  • 28:33 - How do you differentiate composable commerce, microservices, and MACH?

  • 30:31 - How do you see MACH evolving in the future?

  • 33:10 - Interested in the MACH Alliance?

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