Imagination Driven. Not Data Driven.

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Getting in Touch with Customer Feelings.

“Don’t be driven or dictated to by data. Be driven by imagination and creativity,” says Angel Maldonado, Founder and CEO of

The brands succeeding online today are those that are building meaningful, and importantly trustworthy, relationships with their customers. To do this though you have look beyond the data and think about how your customers feel.

Angel joined James Brooke, Founder of Amplience, to discuss elevating customer experiences, and how are insistent on bringing joy into every capability, feature, and every facet of their business.

Video Highlights:

  • 02.09 - How has search evolved in the eCommerce experience?

  • 04.33 - What makes different?

  • 08.52 - Do customers need their own infrastructure to deploy

  • 11.03 - How do you see customer experiences evolving?

  • 16.00 - How does help retailers?

  • 20.11 - How do you see the next 12 months playing out?

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