Accelerating Change

A Conversation with Emakina

Changing More than Just Your Architecture.

Composable commerce is about more than just technological transformation. It’s an enabler for change, it’s the foundations for adapting to the market and for being able to launch new initiatives a lot easier.

Aytek Ekici, CTO at Emakina, joined Adam Sturrock, VP of Product Marketing at Amplience, to discuss composable commerce and digital transformation, looking at everything from organizational change that must occur as well as how brands can deliver consistent experiences.

Key Highlights:

  • What composable commerce is and how it helps businesses adapt to change

  • Why more businesses are digitally transforming and how it’s not just an architectural change but an organizational one also

  • Using data properly to target single demographics

  • Advice for those considering headless commerce

  • Delivering consistent brand experiences in 2021

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