Transitioning Into a Microservices World

A Conversation With E2X

Forget Monolith. Think Microservices.

Customer experiences have undoubtedly become fragmented as eCommerce evolves and more and more touchpoints become available to buyers. With it has come expectations on technology and development especially around speed and agility.

Dom Selvon, CTO of E2X, joined James Brooke, CEO of Amplience, to explore the world of microservices and MACH architecture, delving into how they are looking to solve the challenges of this new world. And, they touch on E2X’s KATA – the suite of software and techniques they’ve built to enable a fast and more automated deployment to a true microservices, cloud-native approach.

Video Highlights:

  • 6.30 - How has customer experience driven the transition to microservices?

  • 8.35 - What is Headless?

  • 11.10 - How does microservices compare to the monolithic approach?

  • 13.26 - How to you capture the benefits in a microservices environment?

  • 20.25 - What is KATA?

  • 40.38 - What are the MACH definitions?

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