SFCC: Should I Stay or Should I Go (Headless)?

A Conversation with Capgemini

We Ask:

  • What are you seeing out in the market when it comes to headless and Salesforce Commerce Cloud?
  • What features and which parts of sites aren’t going headless?
  • Is there a commonality to the types of customers that are going down the headless route?
  • Who is winning out when it comes to front-ends?
  • What are 3 key reasons a business would look to go headless?

Prioritizing rapid content deployment.

The commerce landscape is evolving. And, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) customers are looking to leverage new technology – headless technology – to unify their content and commerce and deploy content quicker than previously ever possible. But is headless the right approach for your business?

Thom Armstrong, VP of Solutions at Amplience, spoke with Aaron Eversoll, VP of Managed Services at Capgemini, to look at how the headless approach is changing commerce, what types of businesses are making the move and where they’re seeing the return.

Video Highlights:

  • 1.54 - What market trends are you seeing with headless?
  • 3.22 - Where are customers creating hybrid setups? Which features aren’t moving to headless?
  • 5.24 - Are PDP and PLP pages moving to headless?
  • 6.42 - Types of customers that are more suited to headless
  • 10.42 - Is there a winner when it comes to front-ends? Are businesses building or buying?
  • 11.50 - 3 reasons you’d look to move headless
  • 12.49 - What’s your definition of headless?