Incremental development

A conversation with AND Digital.

Key Highlights:

  • The move to digital as a primary channel spurring on the move towards a more incremental approach to development
  • The difference between incremental development and other methods
  • MACH as an ethos and its ability to enable business agility
  • The effect of new technology and approaches on team setup and the organization
  • Is an incremental approach always the right approach?

Inching closer to a flexible future.

The speed at which brands need to get changes and new features live is only getting quicker and quicker. They need flexibility. And they need technology that adapts and grows with them. Big Bang and waterfall approaches are too cumbersome and slow now.

Mike Pohlschmidt, Head of Technology at AND Digital, joined John Williams, CTO at Amplience, to discuss incremental approaches to development and the movement towards headless and MACH that support them.

Video Highlights:

1:24 - What changes are you seeing in the market?

3:30 - How is an incremental approach to development different to a phased approach

5:10 - How does MACH architecture help with an incremental approach?

9:55 - Is organisational change necessary for incremental development?

15:52 - Is incremental development always the right approach?

20:20 - How will customers benefit from the AND Digital and Amplience partnership?