Prioritizing Product Experiences

A Conversation with Akeneo

Laying the Product Foundations.

Utilizing product information online is your baseline. Creating compelling product experiences is now another avenue brands must look to in order to elevate their digital experiences for customers, and another way in which they can help drive conversion.

James Barlow, UKI Regional Director at Akeneo, joined Alison Williams, Business Development Director at Amplience, to discuss product information, product experiences and how product discovery is evolving.

Video Highlights:

  • 1:00 - Tell us about Akeeno

  • 2:17 - What is the difference between product experience management and product information management?

  • 3:43 - Why do brands and retailers need consistent, meaningful product information?

  • 6:37 - What are key product foundations needed to support an omnichannel commerce experience?

  • 13:20 - What are some of the best practices when implementing an omnichannel customer expierence?

  • 18:00 - What changes have Akeeno seen regarding product discovery since in-store traffic has been significantly restricted?

  • 19:43 - How has Akeeno seen the digital landscape change for “high-touch“ in person segments, specifically when it comes to product discovery?

  • 23:50 - How do you see the digital landscape evolving over the next 12-18 months specifically when it comes to product discovery?

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