B2B Ecommerce Tech in 2022 and Beyond

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The B2B World. The B2C World. It's All a Digital World.

B2B businesses have been operating from a completely different business model compared to B2C. But they’ve been slow to adopt new technology and take advantage of digital commerce opportunities. It’s time for change, and time for B2B to look to B2C especially when it comes to technology that can enhance the sales pipeline and enable growth.

We’ve looked at how B2B and B2C worlds are colliding, and critically what technology B2B businesses must adopt now in order to keep up and keep afloat.

Key Highlights:

  • Why B2B must look to B2C when preparing for the future

  • The technology approach B2B must adopt to survive

  • Specific digital tools and functionality B2B businesses should be incorporating into their commerce offering